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We are an institution of Local Governance called “Urban Local Body” (ULB). There are various categories of ULBs in Uttar Pradesh and we are classified as a “Nagar Nigam” type of ULB.

We are constituted as per the Constitutional provisions in the Constitution of India. The 74th Amendment promulgated by Parliament in the year 1992 has provided the work for our existence.

The Uttar Pradesh Government has introduced the necessary changes in the Acts governing the Urban Local Body.


Being an institution of Local Government we have a distinct difference between the two wings :

  • Legislature,
  • Executive

Our Legislature is a Governing Body. This is elected by the citizens living within our geographical area. The geographical area has been carved out into electoral wards. Each ward elects a representative to be sent to the Governing Body. The other members of the Governing Body are :

  • MLA
  • MP
  • Municipal Commissioner
  • District Magistrate

The elections for the Governing Body are conducted by the State Election Commission. Any person who is above 18 years is eligible to vote in the elections (certain restrictions do apply. For details please contact the State Election Commission which has its office at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh). The Governing Body works within the constitutional work and the acts made by the Uttar Pradesh Government.

The Executive Wing is headed by the Municipal Commissioner. The Municipal Commissioner is most often a state government officer belonging to the PCS (Provincial Civil Services) cadre and is treated as being on deputation from the state government to us (the ULB). He brings the administrative experience required to execute the day to day works and functioning of the ULB. He is ably assisted by a team of officials belonging to the ULB with a longer tenure at the ULB

Legal Provisions

The 74th Amendment Act promulgated by Parliament has the following major provisions :
The Uttar Pradesh Government has made many changes related to the work setup by the 74th Constitutional Amendment, some of which are :

  • Setting up of a State Election Commission
  • Setting up of a State Finance Commission


We do a lot of things to make life a better experience in the geographical area specified for us by the state government.

Some of our works are :

  • Creation of street light network and ensuring proper street lighting during night
  • Setting up of a State Finance Commission
  • Creation of water supply network, maintaining it and ensuring that sufficient quantity of water is available for the citizens
  • Creation of road network and its maintenance
  • Provision of other Civic services like:
    • Birth and death registration and issue of necessary certificates
    • Horticulture development in our area
    • Parks development and maintenance

Help Us, Help Yourself

We need your help and support for our efficient functioning. We do things which are vital for your well-being as a citizen. Hence help us, help yourself.

We need your help in the following areas :

1. Help us to keep the area clean

  • Do not dump litter on the roads or any public places
  • Dump your litter only in the places designated by us. From these places we regularly collect the waste for dumping in the dumping yards
  • Do not spit on roads or at public places

2. Help us to control pollution

  • Do not burn plastics or other polluting material around or in your house. This creates lots of fumes and gases harmful to humans and other living beings.
  • Do not smoke in public places. Incidentally this is banned by law.

3.Help us to conserve energy

4. Help us to make the area green

  • Do not uproot or destroy the saplings or trees planted by us
  • Plant more saplings or trees in your surroundings

5.Pay your local taxes ly

  • Pay your Property Taxes ly.


Nagar Nigam requires substantial human resources to discharge its duties effectively.
The various ways through which the work of Nagar Nigam is taken up are :

  • The Nagar Nigam utilizes either its own human resources for its works or the employees working in Nagar Nigam are from the cadre related to Department of Urban Development . Else they can come on deputation from other departments to the Nagar Nigam also.
  • Employees posted in the Nagar Nigam and belonging to the cadre related to Dept. of urban Development
  • Employees on deputation from other departments (belonging to their own cadre) :

For example the Nagar Swasthya Adhikari is on deputation from the Dept. Of Medical Health. The Municipal Commissioner often belongs to the PCS (Provincial Civil Services) cadre and is treated as on deputation to the Nagar Nigam.

Cadre related to Dept. of Urban Development relevant to the Nagar Nigam :

The employees working in the Nagar Nigam comes from two cadre :

  • Uttar Pradesh Palika Centralised Services Cadre
  • Uttar Pradesh Palika Non-Centralised Services Cadre

Uttar Pradesh Palika Centralised Services Cadre: This is a transferable cadre. The employees belonging to this cadre are governed by the Uttar Pradesh Centralised Services Rules, 1966. The services of this cadre are pensionable.

Uttar Pradesh Palika Non-Centralised Services Cadre: It outsources the entire work.
The Nagar Nigam has started to outsource many of the services to third parties. This is essential in today's market driven economy where the more efficient and specialized organisations should be provided with the work wherever required while letting the main organization concentrate on its core strategy and objectives. The outsourcing of large amount of Information Technology and Information technology Enabled Services to India from many organisations belonging to other countries (specially US, UK , Canada , Europe ) reflect this trend.

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