Records of Births and Deaths

Birth/Death Registration is not only an essential document for individuals as a proof of their official existence and as an official document required for various purposes, but it is also important for government for various purposes. Its major purpose is compilation of accurate, complete and timely vital statistics, which, along with population censuses, are central to estimating population size – especially for small areas. Apparently, as soon a birth or death happens in an area, related individuals approach its municipal area for birth and death registration whose record is maintained by the Nagar Nigam of that area. Certainly, the major functions of Nagar Nigam in terms of Birth/Death registration record maintenance are:

  • Register Birth/death in its municipal area.
  • Maintain proper record of each Birth/Death taking place in its municipal area.
  • Provide this record of Birth/Deaths in their municipal area to government whenever required.

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